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The Right Professional Voice for your next project…

A professional voice actor located in Orange County, CA, Anne Ganguzza offers a full range of voiceover services at highly competitive rates and will work with your budget to help you promote your business to new levels of excellence. Voiceover services include but not limited to: Narration, Corporate and Industrial Narration and Training, Documentary Narratives, Medical Narration,  E-learning and online courses, Telephone and Voicemail greetings, IVR and on hold messaging, Internet / Web Flash Presentations, Power Point Presentations, Infomercials, Podcasts, PSA’s, Real Estate Virtual Tours, Radio / TV Commercials, Audio Books, Station Imaging, Tag Lines, Movie Trailers, Political Spots, And many more! Request a Free quote today!


Anne Ganguzza Commercial Demo

Commercial Demo 2

Corporate Narration Demo

Narrative/Documentary  Demo

e-Learning  Demo (NEW!)

IVR/On Hold/Voicemail Messaging

Medical Narration (NEW!!!)

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Educational/E-Learning Narration Demos

Additional Breast Imaging 

Breast Ultrasound Imaging

Breast MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Hoag Breast Care Center

Digital breast tomosynthesis at Hoag Hospital

Fast Turnaround with Digital Delivery!

Turnaround times typically within 24 hours! All voice overs are digitally recorded and available by Internet download on this site or shipped to you on CD.

Save on Studio Cost for all your voiceover needs!

Anne works from her own broadcast-quality studio in Irvine and in studios conveniently located in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego!

Connect to Anne right now via IP with ipDTL Link +. Direct your session Live from this webpage. No more need for booking an expensive ISDN studio!


How does ipDTL Link +work?

  1. Make sure this page is loaded on Google Chrome

  2. Click the icon above

  3. Enter your name and click “join

  4. Select sound device you want to use

  5. Select “64kbps mono” or “128kbps mono” under the “audio quality” menu (depending on your connection speed)

For additional studio information, please visit:
www.OCStudios.info – Orange County, CA Recording Studio Info
www.LAStudios.info – Los Angeles, CA / Hollywood Recording Studio Info

Make Anne your “Business Voice” today!

Get started now by requesting a free quote today! Or contact:
Anne Ganguzza Voice Talent
Phone: 949-630-3208

Visit Anne’s other websites at:

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Vasectomy Reversal – Dr. Aaron Spiz


Eat!Drink!Italy! with Vic Rallo


The National Italian American Foundation – Accademia Dei Lincei


The National Italian American Foundation – Ralph Izzo Documentary


Jones & Barlett Learning – Information Systems Security & Assurance  Series  Narration


Starline Films – Sizzle Reel Narration


Manasquan Savings Bank – Commercial


NIAF – Mark DelRosso


F&M Trust – Commercial(s)



Festive Hong Kong 2010  – Narrative for the Hong Kong Board of Tourism


ItalSteam Infomercial – Narrative infomercial for innovative steam iron


Antonello Venditti Music Bio - Narrative bio of Itlay’s Antonello Venditti

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Just a few of Anne's Client Testimonials:

Just a few of Anne’s Client Testimonials:

Thank you to all who so graciously agreed to share their experiences – it is much appreciated!  Feel free to submit your testimonial here!

After working with Anne Ganguzza

I can tell you that this talented lady knows what she’s doing AND she takes great direction!

Sylvia Aimerito
Audio Girl Productions

We had a wonderful project experience with Anne.

She was very prompt, met all the milestones. Her voice overs were well done... Will definitely use her again!

From the minute Anne and I started talking about our voiceover needs, she was prompt, energetic and helpful along the entire way!

A true professional, we will gladly look forward to working with Anne in the future.

the most insightful yet. ...

The business 101 class on Wednesday was the most insightful yet. ...The business aspect that you went over was the last piece of the puzzle.

Jorge Ortiz

Anne is the real deal...

I've worked in the entertainment industry since 1974. SAG/AFTRA union member since 1988. As I make the transition in my career to include Voice Over talent, I was lucky enough to find Anne and the VO Peeps online.  I have always been very suspect of the "Make money in Voice over industry".  People more interested in selling you VO classes and VO demo tapes than helping you acquire the skills to be able to perform as VO talent and have clients pay good money for it!
Anne is the real deal.

Deon Aumaier
Voice Talent

I can't recommend Anne highly enough!

Her work far exceeded our expectations, and she demonstrated incredible responsiveness and professionalism every step of the way. She's personable, sharp and really, really talented.

Lore Communications

Thank you so much for the really helpful class

I really learned such a lot from you and feel really lucky to have had so much individual attention and encouragement – it is always such a pleasure to be in your company.   Thank you again!

Elizabeth Livingstone Wallner
Voice Talent

Anne Ganguzza was simply outstanding!

I learned so much, plus she gave me the encouragement which brought out a better effort than I thought possible. Anne is great to work with and a tremendous coach!

Mike Kreger
VO artist

Your recording is fantastic!

I just implemented it today and it sounds great. Very professional and soothing. Perfect!

Anthony Clark
Activation Products

Anne's voice was clear and elegant and was perfect for my application.

Even with her busy schedule, she managed to complete my project within a few hours! She is a professional with exceptional talent. I'm definitely going to use Anne's amazing voice again for future projects. She's guaranteed to be the best female voice on this site. Thanks again Anne!

Working with Anne was a pleasure.

Not only did she record a quality sounding IVR/On Hold Messaging spot, she helped us to rewrite our script to sound more professional to our clients- and did it in an extremely quick and efficient manner. We highly recommend Anne. Her service was outstanding!

Brandon Morgan
Axis Financial

You are fantastic!

I wanted to contact you because we had another opportunity for you to record a voiceover for our client - They really love your voice!

Anne was quick, professional, and provided results...

Anne was quick, professional, and provided results. The transaction was painless, and everything was done in one take, with essentially a 48 hour turn around. Very pleased. Thanks Anne!

Phillip Campos
Sentey, Inc

Anne has consistently provided me with professional quality voice overs in a timely manner.

She is an excellent communicator and is a pleasure to work with.

Anderson Bolles
Curriculum Technology

The workshop was very informative and put a lot of things in perspective...

Thank you so much for tonight's meeting at Edge Studios, the workshop was very informative and put a lot of things in perspective for branding my voice. While this was geared towards voice over work primarily a lot of the advice and information you had given us I feel can also be used in other fields of interest, including my interest in illustration and animation. I'll be joining VOPeeps as swift as this email is sent to you. Thank you so much for the event, have a great night and hope to stay in touch.


Chris Zito

Anne, It has been a real pleasure working with you!

We auditioned more than 10 voice artists and we are very happy we chose you for our project. Besides your beautiful voice you have always gotten back to us very quickly with exactly what we wanted. We are looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Roberto Figueroa

A great voice for your IVR...


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Eugen Cocalea

Wonderful class - very informative and inspirational!

Appreciate the depth of knowledge and enthusiasm.  Hope I can utilize even half of the information shared! Thanks Anne!

Kathleen Kosche
Voice Talent

Flexibility, absolutely *flawless* reads, and, most of all, professionalism...

Anne delivered the three most important things I needed for a very high-profile project:  flexibility, absolutely *flawless* reads, and, most of all, professionalism.  I never had to worry about anything with Anne - Would her reads be good? Would her files be clean? Would she make her dates? - on this project.  I'll use her again for the peace of mind alone, never mind all of the other things she brings to the table.  She's a consummate professional.

Stephen Solomon
Ad Hoc Rocket Editorial Services

She's the best...I am proud to tell the world...

She is an amazing coach and mentor. Thanks for everything Anne!

Jason Robert Hoskins
Voice Talent and Actor

I appreciate your support and help...

So, I'm on books 5 and 6 with one client/author who apparently likes what I'm doing...and suddenly I get a tweet from an author in Alabama who's got 25 books he wants me to do...likes the voice, thinks it'll work, etc. He and his agent call tonight, and they're wanting me in on their marketing promos etc...incredible... Anyway, point here is that it's in major part to your kind guidance and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your support and help!

Phil Williams

I really enjoyed your class on social media!

I really enjoyed your class on social media and look forward to learning more from you!

Michelle Leroy

Your voice is perfect!

Thank You!

Dr. Robert Hecht
Advanced Heath Solutions


An informative and insightful talk presented in an interactive style by an experienced and knowledgeable VO talent.   Thank you.

Robert Uhl
Voice Talent

Anne Ganguzza will get you on the right track...

For those who are just beginning their journey in the voice over industry, or if you are an established media veteran who may be looking to go to the "next level" Anne Ganguzza is the one you want to work with.

As a professional television sports anchor and play-by-play commentator, I have 25 years of on camera experience in large markets. However, becoming a voice over talent required me to learn a different way to use my voice and delve deeper into how I can become better and more versatile . After working with Anne over the past year I have not only improved my on camera delivery but now I am a legitimate voice over artist with a wide range of skills as well as a phenomenal demo that Anne produced.

If becoming a successful voice over talent is what you desire Anne Ganguzza will get you on the right track.

Anne is a driven and hardworking voice talent.

I've always been impressed by not only her pursuit of continued education and training in the field, but also her fun spirit that really comes through in her voice-over work. Anne is very dependable as well. Count on her to deliver for any project you hire her for!

Needless to say you have inspired me...

It was a pleasure meeting with you over the past couple of days. I really enjoyed your presentation at Edge Studios. Needless to say you have inspired me to add more to my Linked In site to accent my Voice Acting as I have more to include and will "buff up" my brand.

Mark A. Smith

Learned a lot...

Learned a lot in my marketing and branding session with @aganguzza. I walked away with several new ideas to use in the coming year.

Alisa Beckwith
Love My Voice

Amazing teacher who conveys a passion for the VO industry and for sharing with others...

David and Anne: I’m emailing you to share some happy news and to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I received my first audiobook narration offer last week and am extremely excited to begin production...I am filled with glee, and feel confident and ready to begin this new adventure. That feeling results directly from the skills I’ve learned from you both at VO2GoGo. You are amazing teachers who convey a passion for the VO industry and for sharing with others, while imparting such valuable and useful knowledge that can be put into practice immediately...You guys are the best! Thank you again for all that you do, and I look forwarding to learning more and more.

Natalie Winters
Voice Talent

You really set the tone for a great voice over training experience, making newbies, like me, at ease!

The all day 4-in-1 vo2gogo class I recently attended (Animation and Videogames, Trailers and Promos) was so informative!  I learned so much with the group setting. What a great way to explore, stretch and learn from all who attended with their and your helpful critiques! I had such a positive experience and met many new friends and really thank you so much for coaching us in a personal way to make each of us shine uniquely! Truly, you make it Really Great Fun! Thank you!

Denise Dien
Voice Talent

...a contemporary sense of bemused optimism...

Anne Ganguzza = Consistency + Terrific Performance + Versatility + Great Attitude.

Check my math. From our PBS programs to movie premieres to corporate image videos, she always delivers and is now our top female VO artist.  Trust me or call me. 732-780-9200.

Thanks again for a great class...

Thanks again for a great class at Edge today! Looking forward to putting the ideas into practice.

Stephanie Pam Roberts

Anne is a valuable resource for our online training

and education projects. She always delivers timely and error free scripts and voice overs that engage our audience from beginning to end. Anne's attention to detail and pronunciation of difficult terms in medical and IT are impressive. SilkWeb highly recommends Anne Ganguzza for any organization looking for professional script writing and voice talent.

Deep experience and a keen ear...

This was my first VO2GoGo offering and while I surely left the table feeling satisfied, I want more, more, more. I'll definitely be back for seconds!  The Voicing Commercials curriculum is well-thought to hold attention and prompt interaction.  Anne Gaganguza is a gracious host and excellent instructor.  She brings much to the feast with deep experience and a keen ear.

Yvonne Schwemmer

You rock!

Thanks s0 much for the#VOTripleThreat webinar through Edge Studios. You rock! T hanks for sharing. Without a doubt, you have a great mind for marketing and the examples you gave were brilliant.

J. Christopher Dunn

Thank you so much again, Anne - for the great class Wednesday!

It was wonderful to work with you again and I thought you did a great job!

Bailey Varness

Anne, I cannot thank you enough

for all your hard work and dedication in coaching...You have been most awesome to know and to learn from and I wanted to sincerely express my thanks.  You are truly a wonderful teacher

Danelle Parker
Voice Talent

You always start on time and deliver even more than expected...

Enjoyed last week's class! You always start on time and deliver even more than expected. Thanks for paying it forward!

Doug Dahm, Voice Actor

The time and detail in the direction was fantastic...

The VO workout was awesome! I have to say I was overly happy with the direction given to all involved. There's always something to learn from everyone's reads. The time and detail in the direction was fantastic. It's been hit and miss in most of my past workshops/courses so I'm super excited for future VO Peeps events and especially our coaching.

Michael Nguyen

Fun and Truly Unique

A truly unique and Fun testimonial by VO Talent and former student Thom Miller!

Thom Miller
Voice Talent

Anne was an absolute pleasure to work with!

She was able to meet my tight deadline and provided me with a professional, high quality voice over in a quick turnaround time.  I would recommend Anne to all of my clients with complete confidence. She is easy to work with, follows direction well and instinctively captures the mood of a project.  I highly recommend considering Anne for any and all of your future projects!

The Voice of Bergen County...

I could immediately tell she was a knowledgeable industry pro...

Hello- I took Marketing 101 with Anne Ganguzza and it was excellent. I could immediately tell she was a knowledgeable industry pro, and she was very forthright in sharing pro tips. I liked the way the course was organized, and I appreciated her willingness to stick around for questions and conversations afterward. Great class.

Edge Studio Marketing 101 Student

I want to tell you how much I appreciated our time together today.

As a performer and director myself, I am keenly aware that rarely will the two entities mix as well as what I experienced during our recording session today.  You are not only a very caring individual who knows the VO industry well, but you don’t leave a stone unturned when it comes to specific direction – while allowing individual expression in the hands (and voice) of the “talent.”  It’s a tightrope, and you walk it well.  You are a very special individual – and I am most pleased to have made your acquaintance.

Carl Martens
Voice Talent

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your VO workshop.

Since I am so new to this industry I can use all the help I can get.  You have such a positive and encouraging energy, it just makes me want to try my hardest and do my best.  I am excited to learn as much as I can from such an amazing instructor!  Looking forward to the next one!

Maryanna Towle
Voice Talent

Anne has an excellent working knowledge of the voice over business and conveys it to her audience well!

Craig Bruenell

It is always refreshing to work with someone who has the ability to be talented and effective at her job

while at the same time maintaining unparalleled charm, wit and energy. Dealing with Anne is like inhaling a much needed breath of fresh air on an as need basis. Anne is your "go to girl" to get the job done. Her professionalism and creativity are outweighed only by her efficiency and enthusiasm. You will never regret having Anne on your team.

Great, timely communication... very professional... top quality work

Couldn't be happier with this provider. Overall, a 5-star experience!

Not only does Anne have a great voice but, she has that natural reading ability that clients are looking for.

Our clients loved her VO work on the railroad museum project!

It was a real pleasure

to have Anne Ganguzza as my coach. She was inspiring, totally professional, caring, and most of all a lot of fun!

Ezell Wiggins
Voice Talent

LOVED her recent EdgeStudio training class!

If you are serious about marketing your voice over talent you really must follow @aganguzza. LOVED her recent @EdgeStudio training class!

Angela Grayden

Thank You for re-igniting my drive...

I wanted to Thank You once again for all of your guidance and tips. I learned a lot and am thinking differently about how to approach the business side of the industry as far as branding myself and going to more networking opportunities like the workshop and other types of gatherings...Thank You for re-igniting my drive. 


Ben Robinson III

As I expected from a Jersey girl whom was highly referred :), you did not disappoint us.

The greeting is amazing...We intend to refer you as much as possible. The person whom we intended to use turned out to be a bit too arrogant for my blood... and we elected to go with the voice of an angel instead. :)

She has quickly become one of my very favorite people in the VO community...

An afternoon well spent! Anne Ganguzza provided some fantastic social marketing information that I plan on implementing into my own marketing plan immediately. She has quickly become one of my very favorite people in the VO community.

Anne is an Amazing VO Coach!

I just attended my first VO class with Anne and I will definitely be returning for more!  She is a gifted coach who obviously knows the VO business inside out.  The day was packed with great tips and techniques on how to grow your VO business and I especially enjoyed how she worked with each of us on our voice and mic skills - so encouraging - and brought out the best in each of us.   Thank you Anne for so generously sharing your knowledge and skills.
Erin Sommerville
Erin Sommerville Talent

Anne, you did a fantastic job, quick turnaround and so very professional!

I could not have asked for a better job.  Thanks again!

Terry Runion
Westwood College

Your instructing was really fun with lots of great information!

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I really enjoyed the vo2gogo voiceover class you taught on Wednesday.  Your instructing was really fun with lots of great information!  I hope to get down to Orange County soon for some of your VO Peeps meetups.

John Shelton

Anne Ganguzza is one of the top voice talents in the business.

She has a wide variety of range and a true talent. And best of all she goes above and beyond to meet pressured deadlines and is a delight to work with.

Christopher Folino
Sideshow Production

Christmas came early for me today. Your workshop was the greatest gift I could have hoped for!

I can't begin to express my appreciation. I always learn so much from you and what you gave me today was priceless!

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