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Your Voice for eLearning Success! Anne offers Professional Voiceover Services to effectively deliver your curriculum. eLEARNING

Medical Narration Excellence Anne provides a credible voice, fluent in medical terminology & complex subject matter. MEDICAL

Your Front Line Business Brand With over 12 years of Telephony and IVR voicing experience, Anne Ganguzza knows how to talk. IVR/ON HOLD


A full time professional voice talent, coach and producer located in Orange County, CA, Anne Ganguzza is passionate about all things voiceover, and has an enthusiastic, energetic, and fun personality which she brings to all who work with her.


Anne is frequently asked to speak on various topics including technology, business, social media and internet marketing, and voiceover.  Her enthusiastic, energetic, and fun personality connects and engages easily with all levels of learners, from students to employees. Hire Anne to speak at your next event.


Anne offers voiceover services including but not limited to: Narration, Corporate and Industrial Narration and Training, Documentary Narratives, Medical Narration,  E-learning and online courses, Telephone and Voicemail greetings, IVR and on hold messaging, Internet / Web Flash Presentations, Power Point Presentations, Infomercials, Podcasts, PSA’s, Real Estate Virtual Tours, Radio / TV Commercials, Audio Books, Station Imaging, Tag Lines, Movie Trailers, Political Spots, And many more! Request a Free quote today!


Anne currently teaches workshops and voice over classes in Orange County, CA, and offers private coaching and mentoring to students  in person, as well as via Skype and ipDTL. Book a Session Today!


Your demo is your calling card, and a professionally produced demo is an essential tool to help establish yourself as a viable business in the industry.  Its purpose is to not only showcase your vocal talent, but also serve as an effective marketing and branding tool for prospective clients.  Anne specializes in Strategic Target Market Demo Consultation and Production to help align your demo and vocal brand to meet the demands of the current marketplace.  A demo that GETS YOU WORK! Book a Session Today!

Want to coach with Anne? Schedule your FREE 15-MINUTE CONSULT today!

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  • This is just great! We really appreciate your quick response on this one. With your help, we should be able to get this big project behind us in another day or two. And thanks again for helping us make this project a success! There is a decent chance that additional training (similar to this) will be needed in the future. Of course, your work will help those at the highest level in charge of our country’s security do their job efficiently and dependably. There is some satisfaction in that. Chris PS: I’ll be listening for you on TV.

    Chris S., Program Manager Telecore, Inc
  • Anne is an amazing talent! Not only did she do an amazing job with our voice over but delivered it to me within 36 hours!! Quick turn around! Great Work! Fantastic Talent!! Thank you Anne!!!

    Francine Ganguzza Starline Films/Vision Reel Productions
  • Without a doubt, in the world of VoiceOver, women can do things on-mic guys never will and Anne Ganguzza sits at the top! I love your work, as well as your tenacious & innovative marketing efforts. Keep doin' that voodoo that you do so well! 🙂 Love ya, girl.

    Micheal G. Ziants Airlift Productions
  • Anne Ganguzza is a powerful force in the voiceover business. She is a talented voice artist, technology genius and social media marketing master. Anne has a great ear and radiant personality. From communicating with your customers to training your employees, Anne Ganguzza is a great choice (and voice) for your business.

    Dan Friedman Sound4VO
  • Anne Ganguzza is one of the top voice talents in the business. She has a wide variety of range and a true talent. And best of all she goes above and beyond to meet pressured deadlines and is a delight to work with.

    Christopher Folino Sideshow Production
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Anne on a number of projects. She is always very accommodating and professional, and I am always happy with her delivery and attention to details.

    Rob Gardner
  • Anne is without doubt one of the top voice talents, and cutting edge tech geeks - a combination I love!

    Dov Endress Dov Endress LLC
  • Anne was an absolute pleasure to work with! She was able to meet my tight deadline and provided me with a professional, high quality voice over in a quick turnaround time. I would recommend Anne to all of my clients with complete confidence. She is easy to work with, follows direction well and instinctively captures the mood of a project. I highly recommend considering Anne for any and all of your future projects!

    Fran Starline Films
  • I have been following Anne for less than a year now and I have come to the conclusion that she's a voice over marketing guru. Not only does she have a great voice but knows how to help others learn the ropes and achieve success!

    Muneer Adhami Voice over Buddy
  • Not only does Anne have a great voice but, she has that natural reading ability that clients are looking for. Our clients loved her VO work on the railroad museum project!

    Tim Keenan Creative Media Recording
  • Anne is the consummate professional, fast, talented and a pleasure to work with. She lent her voice to a rush major network show project with ease and grace!

    Behnam Karbassi
  • Anne was quick, professional, and provided results. The transaction was painless, and everything was done in one take, with essentially a 48 hour turn around. Very pleased. Thanks Anne!

    Phillip Campos Sentey, Inc
  • ...a contemporary sense of bemused optimism...

    Nancy Wolfson
  • Anne delivered the three most important things I needed for a very high-profile project: flexibility, absolutely *flawless* reads, and, most of all, professionalism. I never had to worry about anything with Anne - Would her reads be good? Would her files be clean? Would she make her dates? - on this project. I'll use her again for the peace of mind alone, never mind all of the other things she brings to the table. She's a consummate professional.

    Stephen Solomon Ad Hoc Rocket Editorial Services
  • Anne, you did a fantastic job, quick turnaround and so very professional! I could not have asked for a better job. Thanks again!

    Terry Runion Westwood College
  • From the minute Anne and I started talking about our voiceover needs, she was prompt, energetic and helpful along the entire way! A true professional, we will gladly look forward to working with Anne in the future.

    Erik Matey GasTec Enterprises, Inc.
  • Anne has consistently provided me with professional quality voice overs in a timely manner. She is an excellent communicator and is a pleasure to work with.

    Anderson Bolles Curriculum Technology
  • Working with Anne was a pleasure. Not only did she record a quality sounding IVR/On Hold Messaging spot, she helped us to rewrite our script to sound more professional to our clients- and did it in an extremely quick and efficient manner. We highly recommend Anne. Her service was outstanding!

    Brandon Morgan Axis Financial
  • You are fantastic! I wanted to contact you because we had another opportunity for you to record a voiceover for our client - They really love your voice!

    Holly Ameritech Media
  • A great voice for your IVR...

    Eugen Cocalea micasaverde
  • I can't recommend Anne highly enough! Her work far exceeded our expectations, and she demonstrated incredible responsiveness and professionalism every step of the way. She's personable, sharp and really, really talented.

    Keith Lore Communications
  • Anne Ganguzza = Consistency + Terrific Performance + Versatility + Great Attitude. Check my math. From our PBS programs to movie premieres to corporate image videos, she always delivers and is now our top female VO artist. Trust me or call me. 732-780-9200.

    Mark Sunburst Creative Group
  • Anne is a driven and hardworking voice talent. I've always been impressed by not only her pursuit of continued education and training in the field, but also her fun spirit that really comes through in her voice-over work. Anne is very dependable as well. Count on her to deliver for any project you hire her for!

  • We had a wonderful project experience with Anne. She was very prompt, met all the milestones. Her voice overs were well done... Will definitely use her again!

    Rahul RevZoom, Inc
  • Great, timely communication... very professional... top quality work Couldn't be happier with this provider. Overall, a 5-star experience!

    Peter PCH Global, Inc.
  • Anne's voice was clear and elegant and was perfect for my application. Even with her busy schedule, she managed to complete my project within a few hours! She is a professional with exceptional talent. I'm definitely going to use Anne's amazing voice again for future projects. She's guaranteed to be the best female voice on this site. Thanks again Anne!

    Jason TV Lamps Cananda
  • Anne is a valuable resource for our online training and education projects. She always delivers timely and error free scripts and voice overs that engage our audience from beginning to end. Anne's attention to detail and pronunciation of difficult terms in medical and IT are impressive. SilkWeb highly recommends Anne Ganguzza for any organization looking for professional script writing and voice talent.

    Laurel SilkWeb Consulting and Development, LLC
  • Anne, It has been a real pleasure working with you! We auditioned more than 10 voice artists and we are very happy we chose you for our project. Besides your beautiful voice you have always gotten back to us very quickly with exactly what we wanted. We are looking forward to working with you again in the future.

    Roberto Figueroa MindQuire
  • It is always refreshing to work with someone who has the ability to be talented and effective at her job while at the same time maintaining unparalleled charm, wit and energy. Dealing with Anne is like inhaling a much needed breath of fresh air on an as need basis. Anne is your "go to girl" to get the job done. Her professionalism and creativity are outweighed only by her efficiency and enthusiasm. You will never regret having Anne on your team.

    Andrea Sunburst Creative Group
  • After working with Anne Ganguzza I can tell you that this talented lady knows what she’s doing AND she takes great direction!

    Sylvia Aimerito Audio Girl Productions
  • We auditioned for a voice for our IVR and fell in love with Anne's voice instantly. Working with her on our project made me lag behind a bit. She answered promptly on whatever requests we've thrown at her, shown initiative recording several takes for us to choose from and basically took me by surprise when I've got my final result in no time, while providing great quality. All in all, we will definitely choose her again for our voice needs.

    Eugen Cocalea micasaverde
  • It sounds great! Thank you very much with your help on Elements phone system!

    Tim Elements Exhibits, LLC
  • As I expected from a Jersey girl whom was highly referred :), you did not disappoint us. The greeting is amazing...We intend to refer you as much as possible. The person whom we intended to use turned out to be a bit too arrogant for my blood... and we elected to go with the voice of an angel instead. 🙂

    Sebastian Ragazzo The Law Offices of Jeffery Benic
  • Your voice is perfect! Thank You!

    Dr. Robert Hecht Advanced Heath Solutions
  • Your recording is fantastic! I just implemented it today and it sounds great. Very professional and soothing. Perfect!

    Anthony Clark Activation Products
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