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An award-winning Director and Executive Producer, Anne is a recent recipient of the 2017 Voice Arts Award for Outstanding Narration Demo, Best Voiceover, as well as five-time SOVAS nominee for demo production.  She currently teaches workshops and voice over classes in Orange County, CA, and offers private coaching and mentoring to students in person, as well as via Skype and ipDTL. She brings with her over 20 years of experience in corporate and educational training, and has been successfully mentoring and coaching voiceover students for over nine years.

As a full time professional voice actor, coach, and producer located in Orange County, CA, Anne Ganguzza is passionate about all things voiceover, and has an enthusiastic, energetic, and fun personality which she brings to all students who work with her.  Her love for teaching, combined with her extensive VO career experience, helps her students to develop a broad range of current, real world skills applicable to their careers, and motivate them forward towards success.

Through her customized coaching sessions, Anne works with her students to help determine their vocal brand and develop critical core skills needed to compete in the voiceover industry today. She uses state of the art ipDTL technology (at no extra cost to the student) for all of her voiceover coaching and directed sessions, enabling better-than ISDN quality audio to help enhance student learning and allowing for the detection and direction of the most nuanced of performances.

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Anne’s love for teaching, combined with her extensive VO and business career experience, helps her students to develop a broad range of current, real world skills applicable to their careers, and motivate them forward towards success. She has been successfully mentoring and coaching voiceover students for over 7 years both independently and through recognized affiliations with studios including Edge Studios in NY, and Global Voice Acting Academy and vo2gogo in LA. She specializes in Commercial and Narration Voiceover training as well as Strategic Target Market Demo Consultation and Production.

Popular Sessions Include:
  • Vocal Techniques for Commercial Copy
  • Vocal Techniques for Effective Narration
  • Script Breakdown & Analysis
  • Determining your Vocal Demographic
  • Analyzing Your Target Market
  • Finding Your Character
  • Speaking to Your Audience
  • Industry Relevance
  • Demo Strategies for Effectively Marketing Your Voice
  • and More…

With over 20 years of experience in corporate IT and technology, Anne is well known in the industry for her business, online marketing, and social media skills, brought to life in part through her global networking group the VO Peeps. She speaks frequently on topics related to business, emerging technologies, and online media, and currently teaches a college Business course in digital branding and social media in a format she designed similar to the popular ABC Shark Tank show, aligning her students with local business leaders by preparing Social Media Campaign proposals as part of their final project. She specializes in Online Reputation Strategies, Digital Branding, Strategic Business Negotiation, Online Marketing and Social Media. She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge from her years of experience – and she wants to help YOU succeed to your fullest potential!

Business Packages Offered:

Custom Individual Session

Make your session what you’d like it to be! Meet with Anne and discuss your business, its future and your ideas…

Business Starter: 5 Sessions

Personal Online Branding Assessment Custom VO Business Analysis Real World Digital Marketing Concepts How to Find your Client online (without the P2P’s) Business Negotiation 101

Business Comprehensive: 10 Sessions

Personal Online Branding Assessment Custom Business Analysis Personal Website Assessment Real World Digital Marketing Concepts How to Find your Client online (without the P2P’s) Business Negotiation 101 Twitter for Business Facebook for Business Linked In for Business You Tube/FB Video Your Business Toolbox

Business Website Branding & Creation: 6 Sessions & Website Creation

Custom Sessions: Personal Online Branding Assessment Custom Business Analysis Personal Website Assessment Website Essentials for Success Search Engine Optimization Tips Personal Digital Branding and Marketing Strategies Basic Website Creation and/or Refresh includes: Custom web design via WordPress Setup & Install on your Hosting Panel SEO setup and Sitemap submission Security Setup Training on Website Back-end upon Completion Add ons: Personalized Bio Creation – $50-100 Blog Setup with Push To Networking – Logo Development – $300 Payment Portal/Shopping Cart Area  – Call for Quote Social Media Training: $750 (includes Social Media Strategies for Success, Twitter for Business, Facebook for Business, Linked In for Business, You Tube/FB Video Social Media Branding Logos: $100 (Twitter, FB, Linked In, You Tube, Google )

A follow up to the one-on-one Voiceover and/or Business Coaching Package, Mentoring provides support and partnership and allows you to have a safe place to discuss and share successes and concerns, as well as receive instruction and guidance for areas for improvement. With weekly or monthly mentoring, you’re the director! You’ll have a place to check in, ask questions and work on specific business and/or voiceover goals as you grow your business.


Anne is a five-time nominated 2017 Voice Arts Awards demo producer, and Director/Executive Producer Winner of the 2017 SOVAS Award for Outstanding Narration Demo, Best Voiceover.

Your demo is your calling card, and a professionally produced demo is an essential tool to help establish yourself as a viable business in the industry.  Its purpose is to not only showcase your vocal talent, but also serve as an effective marketing and branding tool for prospective clients.

Anne specializes in Strategic Target Market Demo Consultation and Production to help align your demo and vocal brand to meet the demands of the current marketplace.  A demo that gets you work!


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  • Thanks so much, Anne, for today’s fun and informative webinar! I appreciate all your direction and feedback. What a great way to start the day!

    Michelle Way, Voice Talent
  • The majority of what I do in the narration category is corporate/industrial - but my narration demo just didn’t reflect this. Anne Ganguzza to the rescue! I enjoyed the process, the scripts and companies she chose for me to highlight were perfect for my voice type and range, and her direction on the day of recording was spot on. I’m really happy with the results. Thanks so much, Anne!

    Jodi Krangle, Voice Talent
  • Hi Anne! Just got an email from another agent, they're adding me. ? That's 3 new agents thanks to you! THANK YOU!

    Tamara Ryan, Voice Actor
  • My phenomenal voice coach Anne Ganguzza just called me to present me with my AMAZING Commercial demo. There really aren’t words right now. I am blown away! Thank you Anne, for guiding through the most fun, unreal ride to and through this demo. I worked for close to a year before being ready to record. Obviously, I worked one-on-one with Anne, but I also regularly did weekly workouts, and webinars. I was hungry to get to the demo recording, but Anne would not let me until I was ready. I am so filled with gratitude to her for that. Anne has helped me achieve the next level in my VO journey. Anne, you are an ABSOLUTE ROCK STAR! And I love you beyond words and am so proud to be your student! I am so proud to represent your brand and mine with this demo.

    Brigid Reale, Voice Talent
  • Feeling inspired & invigorated after a coaching session with the amazing Anne Ganguzza - her ability to dissect the copy and push you towards the right delivery is both natural and insightful. Highly recommend for anyone needing guidance or a brush up to get the train back on the track. So many thanks Anne! Can't wait until the next time...

    Ken Foster, Voice Talent
  • First coaching session with the lovely Anne Ganguzza yesterday - solid takeaways already that I had a chance to implement! Yay! #conversationalvo

    Christine Cullingworth Voice Talent
  • Hello Anne: I wanted to let you know how much impact you've had on my voice work. Since I started doing this gig, I've been consistently dogged by two big problems: excessive mouth noise, and sounding too "announcer-ish" and fake. During our session, you gave me some fantastic tips on how to deal with the latter problem, and those tips have worked spectacularly when I put them into practice. But, from the first audition I recorded after incorporating your advice, I noticed something else about my reads: My mouth noise has all but disappeared. Anne, I can't tell you how exciting this is for me - your techniques have literally cut my editing time to a third of what it used to be. This opens up completely new opportunities for me in long-form narration, which I had all but given up on because my editing was taking too much time. I'm not sure why my mouth noises have vanished, but I suspect the reason is as much mental as it is physiological - by showing me how to access my authentic voice, you helped me shed a ton of physical and emotional tension, and I'm sure that the noises were a by-product of all that junk. Long story short(er), Anne, you've changed my professional life. Thank you SO much. I look forward to being your student again someday soon! Sincerely, Jeffrey

    Jeffrey Machado, Voice Talent
  • Anne Ganguzza is a major genius. She grabs voiceover branding by the base of the mic and shows it who’s boss.

    Sara Waters Abacus Entertainment
  • You know that you are passionate about your new professional focus when: You don't even realize that 3.5 hours just went by, discussing voice over branding and marketing techniques, in an online conference video. I'm telling you people, this is riveting stuff! ? Such a fantastically informative webinar, Anne Ganguzza!

    Aimee Ollman Voice Talent
  • Just came home from a network marketing presentation from Anne Ganguzza at Mary Lynn Wissner's Voices Voicecasting Meet the Pros Night. It was very informative, inspiring and I am recommending that everyone in the VO field should take Anne's marketing workshop. Anne, thank you for motivating me this evening to up my game as an entrepreneur.

    Everett Oliver My Booth Director
  • Yes!! That was a fantastic Meet the Pros Night chock-full of valuable Branding nuggets. Thanks Anne Ganguzza!

    Mary Lynn Wissner Voices Voicecasting
  • I just spent an hour with marketing genius & head VO Peep Anne Ganguzza working on strategy. Anne is incredibly knowledgeable and focused & it was a very productive session. Highly recommended, especially if your career needs a boost & a kick in the right direction.

    Ken Foster
  • Thank you @aganguzza for another amazing Friday #voiceover coaching session! U R my crazy, fun, pitch-perfect, bada$$, cat-mama, #vo guru!

    Brigid Reale Reale Voices
  • I’m just going to say it: I am so proud of this demo! The opportunity to work with someone of Anne’s caliber could have been intimidating, but she is as genuine, grounded and supportive as she is talented, intelligent and savvy about the performance and business of VO. I leveled up significantly working with her; she challenged me to identify and articulate my true goals, helped me understand and begin to put into practice what it would take to achieve them, refined my vocal branding and generally welcomed me into her sphere of excellence. The resulting demo represents both Anne’s production skill and overall process: painstaking discovery and honing and relationship-building—and lots of trust and hard work from both of us. So, thank you for everything you bring to everything you do, Anne. It’s not often that joy and deep respect are inspired in me by the same person, but you have and do!

    Marisha Tapera
  • Anne Ganguzza you are such an amazing coach and mentor! Thank you for making this demo happen!!

    Jamie Rapaport, Voice Actress
  • A new Agent called me today and will be sending me a contract this evening! I'm so excited for this opportunity and I wanted to thank you again for all of the help you've been giving me. Things seem to be heading in a great direction and I'm so grateful for your coaching!

    Jamie Rapaport, Voice Actor
  • I just wanted to tell you that my class with you tonight was the best investment in coaching I've ver made. You are THE BEST! I knew in the first half hour I'm taking private sessions with you. I know I can do this and with your help I can be really good at it. I've had a lot of coaching and nothing compares to what you did tonight.

    Dave Clarke, Voice Actor
  • I wanted to tell you just how much I enjoyed last nights class! There were so many A-Ha moments for me....or what I call V-8 moments....from Shakespeare to Alba to be able to recharge my theatre training into VO. You seriously inspired me and I stayed up working on some auditions, which included a corporate narration on a topic that was foreign to me. I kept going back to my notes and applied the techniques you shared until I was satisfied with the results. Huge difference from how I would have originally approached it to now.

    Monique Sacay-Bagwell, Voice Actress
  • THANK YOU ANNE! (My demo) IT'S AWESOME! LOVE IT! Thank you for being an awesome coach and inspiration. Also I am working on my website and may need business/marketing advice so I will definitely be contacting you soon about that!

    Kristen Solano, Voice Talent
  • "I think I always thought that narration wasn't really for me. My voice was too youthful, no one would want to hire me...I mean who wants to hear a voice like mine talk about insurance or serious topics? I thought I only fit into fitness ads and teen girl shopping spots. MAN was I wrong! Anne Ganguzza showed me that a corporate narration demo could actually be EXCITING -and that with carefully selected branding, it could fit my personal VO style & vocal type perfectly! I have never been more proud of a demo then I am of this one. First of all, because it is so ME: every spot is excellently suited to my vocal type, and she sorted through mounds of copy to make sure the material was both current and something I would actually book. I can't tell you how much I love this demo - but I also love how hard Anne made me work for it. Anne will not rest until it is perfect. And that's really what you need on something as important as a demo. "

    Cristina Milizia , Voice Talent & Founder Global Voice Acting Academy
  • "Anne is absolutely FANTASTIC to work with. I couldn't be happier with my demo because Anne worked so closely with me to ensure it highlighted all my strengths. Not only that, she took into consideration the current trends so I can be that much more marketable. Thank you Anne!! I can't wait to get this up on my website and start shopping around for agents!"

    Tamara Ryan
  • Anne brought out the absolute best in me. Her no-nonsense, professional, direction was straight forward and motivating at the same time. Over the sessions she helped me elevate my understanding of this wonderful and challenging business and I am so grateful to have her as a coach and will continue to use her valuable services. Thanks again Anne, you’re a jewel.

    M.C. Blair Corporate Narration Demo
  • Anne is a force to be reckoned with, a consummate professional and a wonderful example of the entrepreneurial spirit. She is driven and brilliant at what she does. Anne is committed, and its important that if anyone starts working with her that they be committed too, to both the process and their own goals. Anne helps people identify what your goals are and what your longer term business plan is. She also does not expect you to come back from one session to the next unless you have done the homework. She is modest, yet at the same time ambitious. As a freelance person, its hard at the beginning to take the reigns of your own future. But Anne makes you realize that we don't have to be at the whim of market forces, and that we can create our own paradigm by identifying who we are, what our particular service can do for others, and how to innovate in order to bring that about.

    Juliette Gray
  • "Anne Ganguzza’s demos totally stand on their own and rock, right out of the box! In the first week of having mine up, I signed a large client deal! The client specifically commented about how awesome the demo was. Thanks Anne, you know I’ll be back for more!!!"

    Samuel Fleming Corporate Narration Demo
  • "I love this...and thank you, Anne.  You did a wonderful job and I appreciate you and am so glad to have come to know your warm, kind, passionate and beautiful self."

    Shannon Torrence Commercial Demo
  • "YAY! Thank you so much--it sounds amazing--and I can't wait to share it! I can't believe that's my voice :D"

    Kaila Prins Commercial Demo
  • "...within day's of receiving my commercial demo I was signed by the top agency here in Denver!  I really want to thank Anne Ganguzza for working with me over the last several months, picking the scripts that brand my voice perfectly along with coaching me!"

    Kelly Stevens Commercial Demo
  • "How to describe Anne in just a few short words?  How about: 'I owe her my career.'  Coach, talent, mentor, trainer, director, producer…..yep, she pretty much does it all.  And she does it with a level of professionalism and enthusiasm that’s hard to believe, let alone find anywhere else.  Plus, she’s just such a blast to work with.  Thanks so much Anne, you truly are the best."

    Elliott Lowe Corporate Narration Demo
  • "Anne Gaganguza is an excellent instructor.  She brings much to the feast with deep experience and a keen ear."

    Yvonne Schwemmer Corporate Narration Demo
  • I met Anne during a GVAA workout webinar, she was the guest coach. I was extremely impressed with her ability to explain herself, what she wanted from us and how best to deliver the perfect read for the brand. Her branding skills were just what I needed as I was contemplating updating my commercial demo at the time. I was struggling with identifying the type of copy I should record. What was my brand? This is where Anne excels! Through her extensive experience in marketing and VO she was able to hear exactly the type of companies and products I should be working with. So we went to work! I hired her to coach me and over a period of a few months felt I was ready to head into the studio to lay down my tracks. There was only one person I trusted to direct me (in what I believe is the most important session of a VO actors journey…our demo session) she agreed to direct me and I could not of been more pleased with the outcome! Within a short period of time after shopping the new demo around I saw a huge spike in my bookings and signed with two new agents! The cool thing now is a client will contact me and say something like…”We want your Taco Bell read on this script” or ” I’m looking for the same delivery as you did on your Blue Cross read on your demo”. Love it! Anne get two thumbs up in my book for both coaching and demo production. I’d give her three but I’m just a VO actor not a freak! Do yourself and your career a favor, hire Anne to guide you along your VO journey.

    Kelly Stevens
  • Anne, you are an excellent coach and I love how you have your training set up. It is amazing and exactly what people need when they begin training (or at any level of training). I loved the coach sessions we had and you are also just really cool to talk to.

    Brett Moore, Voice Talent
  • Anne is very supportive, positive and wonderful mentor. She helps her students step by step from ZERO to HERO about how to utilize FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, TWITTER... in your business.

    Xuyen Nguyen
  • Just booked my first client through Twitter. It's a UNION JOB. That's just crazy pants!!!!! I would like to credit my teacher, Anne Ganguzza with teaching me about the social media train. You rock coach Anne!!!!! Also, just got my ipDTL to ISDN all set up with Anne's encouragement and reassurance (I was afraid lol). Anne, you inspire me every day. My client was very happy to save on studio costs, and the session is tomorrow. It's all because of you girl!

    Cristina Miilizia
  • You pack more in a 15 minute consultation than most people do in an hour presentation! You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

    Sybil Johnson Voice Talent
  • Flying across the country to record my commercial demo in person with Anne Ganguzza made all the difference. She was incredible to work with and the end result was so amazing that within a month of having my completed demo I was signed by TWO agents!! Thank you ANNE!!

    Laura Schreiber, Voiceover Actess
  • Anne Ganguzza’s demos, totally stand on their own and rock, right out of the box! In the first week of having mine up, I singed a large client deal! The client specifically commented about how awesome the demo was. Thanks Anne, you know I’ll be back for more!!!

    Samuel Fleming
  • To anyone who is investigating a career in Voice Over - for beginner’s, intermediate or advanced talent that wish to hone and expand their skills - I would highly recommend Anne's class to you. Anne is not only a VO talent herself, a highly respected figure in the VO industry, and a coach, but she is also a hands on teacher. She will take the time to listen and work with your strengths and weaknesses, and guide you on a workable path in the genre of Narration. If you are considering working in the field of narration or you wish to improve and expand your current skills please consider this class.

    Steve Latham
  • Working with Anne Ganguzza was the best choice I made for my business and I am so proud of what we accomplished together. Anne is amazing because she gives her students everything she has to make us not just stronger in the areas she is coaching us in, but to make us better able to work for our own clients in every way a voice talent has to provide service. I started working with Anne because I needed a commercial coach. In addition to teaching me to engage in commercial copy in a conversational and relatable way, Anne helped me to overhaul the technology that I was using, pushed me to consider different software choices, helped me connect with other voiceover professionals who I could seek guidance from, worked with me on branding and marketing for my business, prepared me for my demo, helped with script selection... I could write an article and not a blurb, but I will be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to train with the one and only Anne Ganguzza. She is extremely smart and highly talented and I feel blessed to call myself her student!

    Laura Schreiber
  • Anne's VO business savvy and experience in the field makes for focused, astute and applicable mentoring. I took away action items from our session which I was able to immediately implement with confidence and success. Targeted, applicable insight. #vo #demo

    Tamara Lilly
  • Anne Ganguzza - What an amazing and supportive resource for all VO Actors! Anne is a truly passionate teacher, mentor and friend. I highly recommend her Business and Marketing seminars, as well as Meetups and Workouts!

    Christina Smith, Voice Talent
  • Thank you so much for the branding session today, I learned a ton! I'm already putting some of the knowledge gained from it into practice (just alt texted all my photos on my site, haha), and you've definitely got me thinking about how to build my brand in different ways. Thanks for generously sharing some amazing advice and tips with me!

    Nicole Fong Voice Over/Actress/Model
  • Really enjoying the business and strategy lesson with @aganguzza . Amazing insight, wonderful energy.

    John Rose Voice Actor
  • ...And I always feel like I've stumbled onto something legitimate when I see your name on a roster. It gives me confidence when I see your name. 🙂

    Shireen Shahawy Voice Talent
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! You are so knowledgeable and easy to work with! Worth every penny and I feel better already!

    Heidi Mena
  • How to describe Anne in just a few short words? How about: “I owe her my career.” Coach, talent, mentor, trainer, director, producer…..yep, she pretty much does it all. And she does it with a level of professionalism and enthusiasm that’s hard to believe, let alone find anywhere else. Plus, she’s just such a blast to work with. Thanks so much Anne, you truly are the best.

    Elliott Lowe
  • Anne Ganguzza is a powerful force in the voiceover business. She is a talented voice artist, technology genius and social media marketing master. Anne has a great ear and radiant personality. From communicating with your customers to training your employees, Anne Ganguzza is a great choice (and voice) for your business.

    Dan Friedman Sound4VO
  • Always love your courses Anne...great speaker, great trainer, fantastic person! #voiceover

    Shelley Avellino
  • I had a recent issue that I've been struggling to figure out, and it took just a short phone call and Anne had it all untangled. Now I can move forward with the confidence I need to get the job done. THANKS ANNE!

    Tim Paige
  • I just want to say I very much enjoyed this webinar with Anne Ganguzza tonight. She's an excellent teacher - extremely friendly, professional and efficient. It was a great overview class about the field; and I particular loved learning that my particular personality, drive and skill sets fit the VO business like a glove. I'm more excited than ever to be pursuing this as a career now. Thank you Edge Studio! And many thanks to Anne for giving a great class!

    Jack Chan
  • I would like to extend my sincere thanks for Twitter contest and allowing me to take your X-session. You showed how passionate you are about your subject matter by spending so much time with us and providing us much needed information to push our businesses to the next level! It was so informative and detailed--I will take my time to study your class info and apply it to my social media sources. You’re fantastic on a personal and professional level, and I can’t wait to meet up again! Hugs, Doreen Janis

    Doreen Janis
  • I met Anne as a participant in her social media workshop at a voice-over conference in Atlanta. Her great personality and sense of humor coupled with her very informative and relevant social media workshop prompted me to seriously expand my business's social media campaign. Thank you Anne for sharing your gifts and talents and being a genuinely nice person!

    Everett Arthur Oliver Toonvoice
  • Thank you Anne for this exciting session. What got especially my attention during those 2 hours can be resumed in a few words: your advice for the VO artist to take jobs that speaks to him/her, and combine this with structured and self discipline actions. The entire session, you made remarks and gave examples encouraging realism and authenticity, but your enthusiasm is very obvious and CONTAGIOUS.

    Claire Voice Talent
  • I just wanted to take a moment to thank Anne Ganguzza for presenting a very useful, upbeat and altogether excellent webinar this past Wednesday. Anne certainly delivers the right stuff with Business & Money 101.

    Alex Scott-Berenson Voice Actor
  • Anne's presentation was amazing! I had the opportunity to attend a social media marketing workshop presented by Anne Ganguzza at the VOAtlanta Conference. Anne's presentation was amazing! She provided so much information on how to utilize social media to build your brand and your business. She is truly an expert on the subject matter and has a true passion for helping others succeed. She imparted so much knowledge during the talk, but one of the things that really stuck with me was when she reminded us to never lose sight of how we may best serve others through our businesses. She has an exceptional business mind and a servants heart which clearly has contributed to her success! I'm grateful for the opportunity to have learned from her!

    Camille Patterson
  • Until I took Anne’s So Smart Social Media course, the thought of marketing on any of the social media sites put my head in a spin! But Anne explained it ALL. Now I understand how Twitter works and why Linked In is an effective and important tool to have in my marketing arsenal and, when used the right way, Facebook can be more than just posting pics of family and friends… it can actually boost my business! Anne is great! She is energetic, fun, and knows how to explain the technical stuff in a way anyone can understand and apply to their business. I can’t wait to put my new found knowledge to work! Thanks, Anne Ganguzza! Margo Trueblood Trueblood Voice Talent, Inc.

    Margo Trueblood Trueblood Voice Talent
  • A creative gleam of pure social media knowledge! Wow, I thought I understood how to market on social media, but boy was I surprised. After a phenomenal class with Anne I now realize just how much I needed to know. Possession of the knowledge is one thing, but using it is a totally different one. Thanks Anne, and vopeeps I look forward to blasting social media with my new weapons.

    Samuel Fleming I Voice Today
  • She's a gifted teacher! The Marketing 101 seminar with Anne was fantastic! She had excellent insights and a very well prepared presentation. I took copious notes! Her "power point" presentation was fleshed out with full explanations and details. The only downside, which was absolutely not her fault, a couple participants asked "questions" that went on and on and on...Anne was so gracious! She's a gifted teacher!

    Laura Madsen
  • Amazing teacher who conveys a passion for the VO industry and for sharing with others...David and Anne: I’m emailing you to share some happy news and to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I received my first audiobook narration offer last week and am extremely excited to begin production...I am filled with glee, and feel confident and ready to begin this new adventure. That feeling results directly from the skills I’ve learned from you both at VO2GoGo. You are amazing teachers who convey a passion for the VO industry and for sharing with others, while imparting such valuable and useful knowledge that can be put into practice immediately...You guys are the best! Thank you again for all that you do, and I look forwarding to learning more and more.

    Natalie Winters Voice Talent
  • Enjoyed last week's class! You always start on time and deliver even more than expected. Thanks for paying it forward!

    Doug Dahm Voice Actor
  • This was my first VO2GoGo offering and while I surely left the table feeling satisfied, I want more, more, more. I'll definitely be back for seconds! The Voicing Commercials curriculum is well-thought to hold attention and prompt interaction. Anne Gaganguza is a gracious host and excellent instructor. She brings much to the feast with deep experience and a keen ear.

    Yvonne Schwemmer
  • Learned a lot in my marketing and branding session with @aganguzza. I walked away with several new ideas to use in the coming year.

    Alisa Beckwith Love My Voice
  • LOVED her recent EdgeStudio training class! If you are serious about marketing your voice over talent you really must follow @aganguzza. LOVED her recent @EdgeStudio training class!

    Angela Grayden
  • You rock! Thanks s0 much for the#VOTripleThreat webinar through Edge Studios. You rock! Thanks for sharing. Without a doubt, you have a great mind for marketing and the examples you gave were brilliant.

    J. Christopher Dunn
  • I could immediately tell she was a knowledgeable industry pro... Hello- I took Marketing 101 with Anne Ganguzza and it was excellent. I could immediately tell she was a knowledgeable industry pro, and she was very forthright in sharing pro tips. I liked the way the course was organized, and I appreciated her willingness to stick around for questions and conversations afterward. Great class.

    Edge Studio Marketing 101 Student
  • Suddenly I'm not afraid anymore - I'm excited! Anne, thanks so much for helping me get over my fear of social media. After meeting you on Thursday, I went back to my room and built my FB Actor/VO page and also sent my first tweet. Suddenly I'm not afraid anymore - I'm excited!

    Shirley Dalmas
  • I really enjoyed your class on social media and look forward to learning more from you!

    Michelle Leroy
  • The business 101 class on Wednesday was the most insightful yet. The business aspect that you went over was the last piece of the puzzle.

    Jorge Ortiz
  • Many thanks for an exceptional master class! Many thanks for an exceptional master class. It gave me many new ideas to use as I ease my way back into the VO market. Added to that your inspiring "how-to's" of handling social media will be very valuable.

    Maryann Strossner
  • I have been following Anne for less than a year now and I have come to the conclusion that she's a voice over marketing guru. Not only does she have a great voice but knows how to help others learn the ropes and achieve success!

    Muneer Adhami Voice over Buddy
  • Super informative, thought-provoking and entertaining with great group interaction...Just came home so excited about the possibilities ahead after that sensational session you gave today. Super informative, thought-provoking and entertaining with great group interaction. You have such great energy it was a real inspiration to hear you. And the ideas!... So many terrific suggestions for smart, savvy branding and marketing initiatives to pursue. I can hardly wait to put them into action! Just what I needed and expect from the Edge training program. A big thank you.

    Peter Hassinger
  • The workshop was very informative and put a lot of things in perspective...Thank you so much for tonight's meeting at Edge Studios, the workshop was very informative and put a lot of things in perspective for branding my voice. While this was geared towards voice over work primarily a lot of the advice and information you had given us I feel can also be used in other fields of interest, including my interest in illustration and animation. I'll be joining VOPeeps as swift as this email is sent to you. Thank you so much for the event, have a great night and hope to stay in touch.

    Chris Zito
  • Thank You for re-igniting my drive...I wanted to Thank You once again for all of your guidance and tips. I learned a lot and am thinking differently about how to approach the business side of the industry as far as branding myself and going to more networking opportunities like the workshop and other types of gatherings...Thank You for re-igniting my drive.

    Ben Robinson III
  • Thanks again for a great class...Thanks again for a great class at Edge today! Looking forward to putting the ideas into practice.

    Stephanie Pam Roberts
  • The time and detail in the direction was fantastic...The VO workout was awesome! I have to say I was overly happy with the direction given to all involved. There's always something to learn from everyone's reads. The time and detail in the direction was fantastic. It's been hit and miss in most of my past workshops/courses so I'm super excited for future VO Peeps events and especially our coaching.

    Michael Nguyen
  • Your instructing was really fun with lots of great information! I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I really enjoyed the vo2gogo voiceover class you taught on Wednesday. Your instructing was really fun with lots of great information! I hope to get down to Orange County soon for some of your VO Peeps meetups.

    John Shelton
  • Thank you so much again, Anne - for the great class Wednesday! It was wonderful to work with you again and I thought you did a great job!

    Bailey Varness
  • Anne is the real deal...I've worked in the entertainment industry since 1974. SAG/AFTRA union member since 1988. As I make the transition in my career to include Voice Over talent, I was lucky enough to find Anne and the VO Peeps online. I have always been very suspect of the "Make money in Voice over industry". People more interested in selling you VO classes and VO demo tapes than helping you acquire the skills to be able to perform as VO talent and have clients pay good money for it! Anne is the real deal.

    Deon Aumaier Voice Talent
  • So, I'm on books 5 and 6 with one client/author who apparently likes what I'm doing...and suddenly I get a tweet from an author in Alabama who's got 25 books he wants me to do...likes the voice, thinks it'll work, etc. He and his agent call tonight, and they're wanting me in on their marketing promos etc...incredible... Anyway, point here is that it's in major part to your kind guidance and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your support and help!

    Phil Williams
  • I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your VO workshop. Since I am so new to this industry I can use all the help I can get. You have such a positive and encouraging energy, it just makes me want to try my hardest and do my best. I am excited to learn as much as I can from such an amazing instructor! Looking forward to the next one!

    Maryanna Towle Voice Talent
  • Wonderful class - very informative and inspirational! Appreciate the depth of knowledge and enthusiasm. Hope I can utilize even half of the information shared! Thanks Anne!

    Kathleen Kosche Voice Talent
  • You really set the tone for a great voice over training experience, making newbies, like me, at ease! The all day 4-in-1 vo2gogo class I recently attended (Animation and Videogames, Trailers and Promos) was so informative! I learned so much with the group setting. What a great way to explore, stretch and learn from all who attended with their and your helpful critiques! I had such a positive experience and met many new friends and really thank you so much for coaching us in a personal way to make each of us shine uniquely! Truly, you make it Really Great Fun! Thank you!

    Denise Dien Voice Talent
  • Anne is an Amazing VO Coach! I just attended my first VO class with Anne and I will definitely be returning for more! She is a gifted coach who obviously knows the VO business inside out. The day was packed with great tips and techniques on how to grow your VO business and I especially enjoyed how she worked with each of us on our voice and mic skills - so encouraging - and brought out the best in each of us. Thank you Anne for so generously sharing your knowledge and skills.

    Erin Sommerville Erin Sommerville Talent
  • This was the first time I have taken a class from Anne, and her coaching is phenomenal! She is both professional and personable. She makes her students feel very comfortable, while encouraging them to do their best. I would recommend her to not just beginning voiceover students, but also to long time working pros who want to improve their craft. It’s evident that she has a passion for all things voiceover.

    Tina Wilson Tina Wilson Talent
  • Christmas came early for me today. Your workshop was the greatest gift I could have hoped for! I can't begin to express my appreciation. I always learn so much from you and what you gave me today was priceless!

    Patricia Merrill Versatile Voices Unlimited
  • Anne is a wonderful instructor. Her marketing knowledge is top notch. She generously gave extra time to all of us in her VOAtlanta X-Session.

    Dov Endress Dov Endress LLC Narration and Voice Over
  • Anne Ganguzza will get you on the right track... For those who are just beginning their journey in the voice over industry, or if you are an established media veteran who may be looking to go to the "next level" Anne Ganguzza is the one you want to work with. As a professional television sports anchor and play-by-play commentator, I have 25 years of on camera experience in large markets. However, becoming a voice over talent required me to learn a different way to use my voice and delve deeper into how I can become better and more versatile . After working with Anne over the past year I have not only improved my on camera delivery but now I am a legitimate voice over artist with a wide range of skills as well as a phenomenal demo that Anne produced. If becoming a successful voice over talent is what you desire Anne Ganguzza will get you on the right track.

    Todd Romero Altitude Sports and Entertainment
  • Anne is very passionate about her work, and an exuberant, dynamic leader and speaker. I found myself in a Voice Talent Meetup Group, and was hoping to leave with some real "hands on tools" I could use in my Voice Over work. I have to say that I left with inspiration, excitement, and ALOT of fun, new, innovative ways that I can further grow my business. Anne Ganguzza is charming, funny, full of real specific,practical, tools that have a proven track record,due to her obvious success in the Voice Over World. I would go see her all over again tomorrow!

    Ashley Birtwell Voice Talent
  • Thank you so much for the really helpful class I really learned such a lot from you and feel really lucky to have had so much individual attention and encouragement – it is always such a pleasure to be in your company. Thank you again!

    Elizabeth Livingstone Wallner Voice Talent
  • She's the best...I am proud to tell the world... She is an amazing coach and mentor. Thanks for everything Anne!

    Jason Robert Hoskins Voice Talent & Actor
  • Anne Ganguzza was simply outstanding! I learned so much, plus she gave me the encouragement which brought out a better effort than I thought possible. Anne is great to work with and a tremendous coach!

    Mike Kreger VO Artist
  • I want to tell you how much I appreciated our time together today. As a performer and director myself, I am keenly aware that rarely will the two entities mix as well as what I experienced during our recording session today. You are not only a very caring individual who knows the VO industry well, but you don’t leave a stone unturned when it comes to specific direction – while allowing individual expression in the hands (and voice) of the “talent.” It’s a tightrope, and you walk it well. You are a very special individual – and I am most pleased to have made your acquaintance.

    Carl Martens Voice Talent
  • Anne, I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication in coaching...You have been most awesome to know and to learn from and I wanted to sincerely express my thanks. You are truly a wonderful teacher.

    Danelle Parker Voice Talent
  • It was a real pleasure to have Anne Ganguzza as my coach. She was inspiring, totally professional, caring, and most of all a lot of fun!

    Ezell Wiggins Voice Talent
  • A truly unique and Fun testimonial by VO Talent and former student Thom Miller!

    Thom Miller


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