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A popular mentor, coach and a regular trainer for various industry organizations,  Anne Ganguzza has over 20 years experience in corporate IT and educational training, consulting for a number of national companies.  She is frequently asked to speak on topics including technology, business, social media and internet marketing and voiceover. Anne is passionate about education and committed to providing you with a voice that can inspire and motivate, and elevate your event to the next level. Her enthusiastic, energetic, and fun personality connects and engages easily with all levels of learners, from students to employees.

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The Art of Successful Business Negotiation – How to Get (More of) What You Want

The voiceover industry is estimated to be worth $26 billion dollars – Are you getting your fair share? If you are a professional talent, you deserve professional rates!  Successfully negotiating over six figures in contracts for the 2017 year, Anne Ganguzza brings her years of experience to show you how to BREAK THROUGH to the next level of success and negotiate your way to better rates.  You’ll  learn the essential skills needed to dramatically improve outcomes and create win-win solutions for all. 

What am I going to get from this session?

  • Analyze a business opportunity
  • Employ effective techniques to communicate with clients about RFPs or project descriptions
  • Enhance your confidence about your skills and past successes
  • Engage in learning conversations about the goals of a project
  • Assess a client’s unstated project needs
  • Identify your leverage in a business opportunity
  • Prepare to negotiate a fair rate for your services
  • Recognize bullying behaviors, and plan for dealing with a bullying situation in a professional setting.
  • Manage your emotional responses in stressful negotiations or interview situation

Don’t miss out on this veritable “gold mine” of information.  Remember –  being in control of your business success and creative happiness is an achievable goal.  You are WORTH it!  

How to Build Bank Like A Boss: Emotional Intelligence

Are You….

Frustrated by a lack of work? Depressed about the state of your business? Questioning whether you belong in this industry? Jealous of other actors and resentful of their successes? Coming across as desperate and turning people off with your approach?  Learn how to refine and use your Emotional Inteligence to elevate your success – both personally and professionally!

Topics Covered:

  • Keeping your head in the game … ALWAYS. 
  • The fine line between confidence and arrogance. 
  • How not to allow other people’s success to get you down or demotivate you. 
  • Regulating your emotions on Social Media. 
  • How to not come across as desperate with potential clients and agents. 
  • How to remain positive in the face of adversity. 
  • BOSS Confidence building exercises.  

Digital Branding Strategies for Success

In today’s fast paced digital marketplace, your business can’t afford to hide behind an impersonal website or generic social card. Branding yourself means making yourself visible, and communicating via all avenues your personal value and what your stand for, with total clarity and consistency. Customers buy from people, not from a company, at least at the startup stages. If you don’t take charge of your brand, who will? In this workshop we’ll discuss ways to effectively evolve your brand to achieve optimal business growth and success. Topics Covered include:

  • Permission Based Branding
  • Tips to Help You Discover and Create Your Personal Brand
  • Brand Discovery Drill
  • Taking Charge: Brand Standing in Digital Disruption
  • Brand Immersion
  • Authentic equals passion (and passion is everything)
  • Strategic Brand Association
  • Proper Care and Feeding of your Brand

The Business of Being Social: Social Media Marketing Strategies For Business Success

Today’s fast-paced digital landscape can be overwhelming! It seems as if everyone is using social media in one form or another. However, the business side of social media is commanding a larger piece of our attention everyday. If you’re already on the social media bandwagon, that’s GREAT! The question is: Are you just being social, or are you being business social SMART? In this dynamic session, Anne Ganguzza will teach you the difference between the two and how to further grow your business with SMART use of social media. You’ll also:

  • Discover why social media is a “disruptive wave of innovation” and why it should matter to you.
  • Discuss how the continuing rapid growth of social media technologies can benefit you by understanding how it will affect your personal and professional future.
  • Learn about the pros and cons of numerous social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google and other emerging social technologies.
  • Explore how social commerce can positively impact multiple aspects of your brand and VO business.
  • Build a foundational knowledge of how to use social media for marketing, analytics, customer service and more.
  • Develop sure-fire, innovative social media strategies to help grow your VO Business in 2015.
  • Learn how to adopt and establish an easy method to stay current with this ever-changing world of social media technologies.

Social Media, The Challenge and The Opportunity

The Challenge: Social media is an essential component in today’s competitive digital marketplace, but trying to keep up with the ever changing landscape of the medium can be both frustrating and overwhelming!

The Opportunity: An integral part of a digitally transformed ecosystem, social media has become a key hub for shaping customer experiences.  Entrepreneurs who can keep their finger on the pulse of this exciting wave will reap great rewards by staying ahead of the curve and enjoy substantial business growth in a competitive industry.
In this workshop, we’ll get down to the nitty gritty of how to use social media to effectively grow your client base and accelerate your earning potential. Topics covered include:

  • The Top Social Media Marketing Trends 
  • How to determine the appropriate social media platform(s) for your business.
  • Creating an Effective Social Media Campaign: How to become competitive and WIN utilizing new world marketing strategies.
  • How to define and target your IDEAL client and develop a common language that is relevant
  • Content Marketing Strategies for Success
  • Selling Through Storytelling: Become proficient with messaging and storytelling your brand for optimal marketing effectiveness.
  • Learn how to use the “Collect – Connect – Convert” method to hook your ideal client and keep them coming back!

Attendees will complete a Social Media Strategy Worksheet as part of this workshop.


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  • Just came home from a network marketing presentation from Anne Ganguzza at Mary Lynn Wissner's Voices Voicecasting Meet the Pros Night. It was very informative, inspiring and I am recommending that everyone in the VO field should take Anne's marketing workshop. Anne, thank you for motivating me this evening to up my game as an entrepreneur.

    Everett Oliver My Booth Director
  • Yes!! That was a fantastic Meet the Pros Night chock-full of valuable Branding nuggets. Thanks Anne Ganguzza!

    Mary Lynn Wissner Voices Voicecasting
  • Anne Ganguzza is a powerful force in the voiceover business. She is a talented voice artist, technology genius and social media marketing master. Anne has a great ear and radiant personality. From communicating with your customers to training your employees, Anne Ganguzza is a great choice (and voice) for your business.

    Dan Friedman Sound4VO
  • I met Anne as a participant in her social media workshop at a voice-over conference in Atlanta. Her great personality and sense of humor coupled with her very informative and relevant social media workshop prompted me to seriously expand my business's social media campaign. Thank you Anne for sharing your gifts and talents and being a genuinely nice person!

    Everett Arthur Oliver Toonvoice
  • Thank you Anne for this exciting session. What got especially my attention during those 2 hours can be resumed in a few words: your advice for the VO artist to take jobs that speaks to him/her, and combine this with structured and self discipline actions. The entire session, you made remarks and gave examples encouraging realism and authenticity, but your enthusiasm is very obvious and CONTAGIOUS.

    Claire Voice Talent
  • I just wanted to take a moment to thank Anne Ganguzza for presenting a very useful, upbeat and altogether excellent webinar this past Wednesday. Anne certainly delivers the right stuff with Business & Money 101.

    Alex Scott-Berenson Voice Actor
  • Anne's presentation was amazing! I had the opportunity to attend a social media marketing workshop presented by Anne Ganguzza at the VOAtlanta Conference. Anne's presentation was amazing! She provided so much information on how to utilize social media to build your brand and your business. She is truly an expert on the subject matter and has a true passion for helping others succeed. She imparted so much knowledge during the talk, but one of the things that really stuck with me was when she reminded us to never lose sight of how we may best serve others through our businesses. She has an exceptional business mind and a servants heart which clearly has contributed to her success! I'm grateful for the opportunity to have learned from her!

    Camille Patterson
  • She's a gifted teacher! The Marketing 101 seminar with Anne was fantastic! She had excellent insights and a very well prepared presentation. I took copious notes! Her "power point" presentation was fleshed out with full explanations and details. The only downside, which was absolutely not her fault, a couple participants asked "questions" that went on and on and on...Anne was so gracious! She's a gifted teacher!

    Laura Madsen
  • This was my first VO2GoGo offering and while I surely left the table feeling satisfied, I want more, more, more. I'll definitely be back for seconds! The Voicing Commercials curriculum is well-thought to hold attention and prompt interaction. Anne Gaganguza is a gracious host and excellent instructor. She brings much to the feast with deep experience and a keen ear.

    Yvonne Schwemmer
  • Suddenly I'm not afraid anymore - I'm excited! Anne, thanks so much for helping me get over my fear of social media. After meeting you on Thursday, I went back to my room and built my FB Actor/VO page and also sent my first tweet. Suddenly I'm not afraid anymore - I'm excited!

    Shirley Dalmas
  • Needless to say you have inspired me...It was a pleasure meeting with you over the past couple of days. I really enjoyed your presentation at Edge Studios. Needless to say you have inspired me to add more to my Linked In site to accent my Voice Acting as I have more to include and will "buff up" my brand.

    Mark A. Smith
  • She has quickly become one of my very favorite people in the VO community...An afternoon well spent! Anne Ganguzza provided some fantastic social marketing information that I plan on implementing into my own marketing plan immediately. She has quickly become one of my very favorite people in the VO community.

    Jeff Wilburn Jeff Wilburn Voice Talent
  • I have been following Anne for less than a year now and I have come to the conclusion that she's a voice over marketing guru. Not only does she have a great voice but knows how to help others learn the ropes and achieve success!

    Muneer Adhami Voice over Buddy
  • Super informative, thought-provoking and entertaining with great group interaction...Just came home so excited about the possibilities ahead after that sensational session you gave today. Super informative, thought-provoking and entertaining with great group interaction. You have such great energy it was a real inspiration to hear you. And the ideas!... So many terrific suggestions for smart, savvy branding and marketing initiatives to pursue. I can hardly wait to put them into action! Just what I needed and expect from the Edge training program. A big thank you.

    Peter Hassinger
  • The workshop was very informative and put a lot of things in perspective...Thank you so much for tonight's meeting at Edge Studios, the workshop was very informative and put a lot of things in perspective for branding my voice. While this was geared towards voice over work primarily a lot of the advice and information you had given us I feel can also be used in other fields of interest, including my interest in illustration and animation. I'll be joining VOPeeps as swift as this email is sent to you. Thank you so much for the event, have a great night and hope to stay in touch.

    Chris Zito
  • Thank You for re-igniting my drive...I wanted to Thank You once again for all of your guidance and tips. I learned a lot and am thinking differently about how to approach the business side of the industry as far as branding myself and going to more networking opportunities like the workshop and other types of gatherings...Thank You for re-igniting my drive.

    Ben Robinson III
  • The time and detail in the direction was fantastic...The VO workout was awesome! I have to say I was overly happy with the direction given to all involved. There's always something to learn from everyone's reads. The time and detail in the direction was fantastic. It's been hit and miss in most of my past workshops/courses so I'm super excited for future VO Peeps events and especially our coaching.

    Michael Nguyen
  • Your instructing was really fun with lots of great information! I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I really enjoyed the vo2gogo voiceover class you taught on Wednesday. Your instructing was really fun with lots of great information! I hope to get down to Orange County soon for some of your VO Peeps meetups.

    John Shelton
  • Anne is the real deal...I've worked in the entertainment industry since 1974. SAG/AFTRA union member since 1988. As I make the transition in my career to include Voice Over talent, I was lucky enough to find Anne and the VO Peeps online. I have always been very suspect of the "Make money in Voice over industry". People more interested in selling you VO classes and VO demo tapes than helping you acquire the skills to be able to perform as VO talent and have clients pay good money for it! Anne is the real deal.

    Deon Aumaier Voice Talent
  • Wonderful class - very informative and inspirational! Appreciate the depth of knowledge and enthusiasm. Hope I can utilize even half of the information shared! Thanks Anne!

    Kathleen Kosche Voice Talent
  • Anne has an excellent working knowledge of the voice over business and conveys it to her audience well!

    Craig Bruenell SAG-AFTRA Talent
  • You really set the tone for a great voice over training experience, making newbies, like me, at ease! The all day 4-in-1 vo2gogo class I recently attended (Animation and Videogames, Trailers and Promos) was so informative! I learned so much with the group setting. What a great way to explore, stretch and learn from all who attended with their and your helpful critiques! I had such a positive experience and met many new friends and really thank you so much for coaching us in a personal way to make each of us shine uniquely! Truly, you make it Really Great Fun! Thank you!

    Denise Dien Voice Talent
  • This was the first time I have taken a class from Anne, and her coaching is phenomenal! She is both professional and personable. She makes her students feel very comfortable, while encouraging them to do their best. I would recommend her to not just beginning voiceover students, but also to long time working pros who want to improve their craft. It’s evident that she has a passion for all things voiceover.

    Tina Wilson Tina Wilson Talent
  • Christmas came early for me today. Your workshop was the greatest gift I could have hoped for! I can't begin to express my appreciation. I always learn so much from you and what you gave me today was priceless!

    Patricia Merrill Versatile Voices Unlimited
  • Anne Ganguzza will get you on the right track... For those who are just beginning their journey in the voice over industry, or if you are an established media veteran who may be looking to go to the "next level" Anne Ganguzza is the one you want to work with. As a professional television sports anchor and play-by-play commentator, I have 25 years of on camera experience in large markets. However, becoming a voice over talent required me to learn a different way to use my voice and delve deeper into how I can become better and more versatile . After working with Anne over the past year I have not only improved my on camera delivery but now I am a legitimate voice over artist with a wide range of skills as well as a phenomenal demo that Anne produced. If becoming a successful voice over talent is what you desire Anne Ganguzza will get you on the right track.

    Todd Romero Altitude Sports and Entertainment
  • Anne is very passionate about her work, and an exuberant, dynamic leader and speaker. I found myself in a Voice Talent Meetup Group, and was hoping to leave with some real "hands on tools" I could use in my Voice Over work. I have to say that I left with inspiration, excitement, and ALOT of fun, new, innovative ways that I can further grow my business. Anne Ganguzza is charming, funny, full of real specific,practical, tools that have a proven track record,due to her obvious success in the Voice Over World. I would go see her all over again tomorrow!

    Ashley Birtwell Voice Talent
  • Way to go ANNE GANGUZZA! An informative and insightful talk presented in an interactive style by an experienced and knowledgeable VO talent. Thank you.

    Robert Uhl Voice Talent
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