VO2GoGo June 2015 Class in Irvine – Anne Ganguzza
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VO2GoGo June 2015 Class in Irvine


VO2GoGo | Irvine

June 20 2015  @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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The award-winning VO2GoGo voiceover classes continue.

The VO2GoGo curriculum is an amazing series of over 30 live classes, building your skills in voiceover categories and the technology you need to master, giving you the tools to manage a thriving, digital-friendly voiceover career.

VO2GoGo live classes have won backstage’s Readers’ Choice Award as Best VO Classes and Teacher for the last four years in a row. And every month, a new set of skills is explored and mastered, in a total of 4 classes, all in one day-long intensive.

Here’s the schedule of classes for this month.

• Voicing Specialty Narration VO
• Mastering VO Marketing
• Creating Your Own VO Content
• BONUS: VO Workout Class

Voicing Specialty Narration VO

Separate and apart from traditional documentary narration, there are several major categories of content-specific narration work that centers around large bodies of information: scientific, technical, legal, medical and so on. If your personal knowledge extends to any of these spaces, you’ll find yourself with yet another way to make a living as a VO performer.

The skills you’ll get:

– identifying non-traditional marketing areas for voicework
– how your passions can be turned into voice projects
– working in specialty narration even if you’re not a trained expert in the field
– pricing and client management in specialty narration
– and more

Mastering VO Marketing

Become agile with the markets you reach, tradition and brand spanking new. Who would have thought that IVR, or apps, or digital talking outdoor signage, or e-books would all be vibrant markets in which to sell your VO skills? Or that any one of those might end up being the largest category of income for many VO artists? Learn how in this vital class.

The skills you’ll get:

– identifying the usual suspects: radio, television and other traditional markets
– the unusual suspects: digital products, IVR, training, toys, GPS devices and more
– how to target a demo specifically to a particular market, for little or no cost
– pricing individual and package rates for the strangest of markets
– and more

Between Class 2 and Class 3, attendees will relax, take a break and enjoy a one-hour walkaway lunch. There are plenty of restaurants nearby to choose from.

Creating Your Own VO Content

Hire your inner voice…and entrepeneur. Why wait for someone else to hire you? You’ve got a voice, and you’re already in charge of You, Inc, so put yourself to work, and collect all the profits. Create your own content, piggy back on events in the news, big movie releases and wake up every morning with money in the bank – from people buying your audio products.

The skills you’ll get:

– watching production calendars for potential tie-ins
– the quickest way to create audio products
– identifying and marketing to potential buyers over the web
– how to build a library of long-tail product that sells forever
– and more


4 BONUS: VO Workout Class

Each day-long class will conclude, time permitting, with Participants adding another moment in front of the microphone, with direction and adjustment from the instructor. The Auditors will watch and make note of the adjustments given, and each Participant will receive the MP3 file of this (and the other) recordings made during the day.

The skills you’ll get:
– work with alternative copy from the day’s content
– bring their own audition or workout copy
– be directed and adjusted, and recorded on mic
– deepen their knowledge of self-direction and iterative improvement
– and more

Information and materials provided? You bet.

In this intensive, all students, Auditors and Participants alike, will be provided with lecture notes and VO copy. Participants will be directed and recorded three times throughout the day; Auditors will observe that process. The recordings will be given to each Participant to use as mini-starter demos (in advance of completed professional demos), showing their mastery of the particular category of voicework performed.

See the explanations below for the differences between Participant and Auditor tickets.

Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and are open to VO2GoGo Pros for 72 hours prior to general availability.

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Thanks so much and I hope to see you there! 🙂